Sydney clinic: 9357 4455
Parramatta clinic: 9893 8444
Newcastle clinic: 4950 9200


Sydney clinic: 9357 4455
Parramatta clinic: 9893 8444
Newcastle clinic: 4950 9200


Sydney clinic: 9357 4455
Parramatta clinic: 9893 8444
Newcastle clinic: 4950 9200


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Laser Hair Regrowth

98% success rate using the latest medical treatments available for male and female.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement

We have the latest Non-Surgical custom Hair systems available for Male And female

Surgical Hair Treatment

Using The Latest FUE technique with the Best qualified Physicians for male and female

Scalp Micropigmentation

Brilliant procedure to mimic hair follicles And Create Density for male And female

PRP Scalp Injections

The Latest in Stem Cell Treatment For Hair Loss restoration FDA Approved for Male And female

Hair Regrowth Treatment in Sydney, Parramatta, and Newcastle

We are Australia’s top hair loss correction clinic.

Do you want your hair back? We can make it happen. Are you experiencing thinness,
patchy coverage or balding? We can turn it around. As the only Australian hair loss clinic
to offer all four methods of treatment, we can find the right solution for you.

Click here for simple, no-nonsense info on what to expect.

Different problems have different

Your hair loss solution largely depends on the causes and progression of your condition. As such, no one knows what the
best way is until they have had a scalp examination. It is difficult to recommend a particular treatment without one. A thorough
examination is an essential first step to great results.

Hair loss has hundreds of possible causes. For example, someone with clinical alopecia will not get the same results from
regrowth as someone with male pattern baldness. Whenever someone says that their treatment did not work, it is because
they were given the wrong procedures.

That is why New Generation Hair Clinic is so good. Not only do we have highly experienced and medically focused professionals, we also have the full range of treatments.

Getting started

We are here to make sure you are well informed so that you can get your hair back. Nothing less.

The treatments: Explore the options here and find out exactly what to expect when you make an

Understanding hair loss: Get general information here. This is a good place to get an overview of
exactly what is going on with your body when thinness and balding occurs.

Male hair loss: From male pattern baldness to hereditary alopecia and everything in between, this
section is dedicated to men and their hair loss.

Female hair loss: It is a lot more common than you think and could be caused by a number of things.
Learn more about thinning hair and balding in women.

The results: Do you want to see some before and after pictures? Of course you do. Find them here.

Testimonials: Hear what people are saying about New Generation Hair Clinic.

About us: Learn more about our company here and discover what makes us better.

Contact us: Visit this page or give us a call if you cannot find what you are looking for, want to make an
appointment for a free, no-obligation hair analysis or just want to speak with an expert who can answer
any questions.

About New Generation Hair

The New Generation Hair experience began in 1985. It was a time when the technology to actually deliver genuinely effective solutions was finally starting to take off. Laser hair regrowth methods were still in their infancy but were showing real promise. Having entered the field at such an exciting time, it quickly became apparent that staying at the forefront of the industry meant constant innovation and never stopping the search for better and more advanced treatment modalities.

Achieving the best results every time means staying perfectly up to date with all the latest technology. We are called New Generation Hair because every year sees amazing new advanced and incredible developments in the field and we make a point of staying on top of each and every one of them.

However, this core of the most advanced treatments and the latest methods is nothing without the other thing that makes us special: a real and genuine commitment to every single person that walks in our door.

New Generation Hair

We are a member of the World Hair Network and affiliated with hair restoration clinics worldwide. Bringing you the latest hair regrowth treatments available. Baldness and scalp thinning can be an uncomfortable, nerve-wracking experience. When it starts there is no way of knowing where and when it will end. Unfortunately, a lot of people will try to take advantage of this by overpromising solutions. We however, give you our word that you’ll never get anything but honest, straight-forward advice and help from everyone here at New Generation Hair.

Like you, we’re in it for the hair. You’ll always get the right advice and access to a full range of no-pressure solutions here. In fact, we kick every appointment off with a completely free, no obligation hair analysis session. Give us a call at our closest location or contact us online for your free hair loss appointment.

If you’re as passionate about hair as we are, we’d love to hear from you. Franchises are available to the right candidates. Call today to find out more.

Passionate about achieving the results you desire